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We provide cross-disciplinary innovative services

We are an advisory firm based out of Switzerland with a lean, highly qualified, cross-disciplinary team that gathers knowledge across the domains of technology, finance, product development, business execution, strategy and innovation consulting.

Our horizontal approach to problem solving differentiate us from domain-specific consulting firms. We provide knowledge "at the interfaces" which allows our clients to execute complex and multi-faceted projects.

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A strong team who executes with a sense of urgency

Our members are recognized leaders in their fields with hands-on experience with the creation and coaching of several companies and, for some, with leading them to a successfull acquisition.

In addition, our members have teaching assignments in High-Education institutions such as EPFL & HES-SO (Master Programs) in Switzerland and Keio University (Graduate School on System Design and Management) in Japan.

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Your company needs our services if...

You are a company with a complex project that requires the combined understanding and experience of several domains such as of technology, finance, strategy, business execution and innovation, and you need to harness world-class competences to realize your project.

You would like to take advantage of a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of experts through a single consultancy service instead of having to build your own team at greater cost and effort.

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Our Professional Services

Any of our typical projects leverages one or many of these services.

Strategic Business Advisory

We provide strategic business advisory to companies at any stage, from start-ups to mature companies, by helping them navigate early and mainstream markets. We have successfully grown and exited start-ups in the field of technology. We are actively assisting SME's in devising business startegies -based on the popular "Crossing the Chasm" methodology- for forays into mainstream markets. Finally we help mature companies fend business disruption or spin-off their own disruptive ventures.

Financial Advsiory

We provide various financial advisory services to companies and organizations of all sizes. These services include: Arranging funds for trade transactions and viable projects (e.g. trade and project finance); transaction structuring, fx management, capital restructuring, valuation, mergers & acquisition, accounting and governance. We work with a diverse group of financial partners that understand that “one size does not fit all” and are therefore able to offer innovative and creative solutions.

Education and Training

We provide academic and professional education and training courses in several fields such as strategic innovation and finance. We give our classes at companies, as well as renowned public institutions in Switzerland and internationally, which includes: The executive MBA program at EPFL (Switzerland), the Innokick Master Course at HES-SO (Switzerland), Keio University in Tokyo (Japan) and the International Institute of Management in Technology (IIMT) in Fribourg University, Swizterland.

With these services, we help all kinds of companies, from start-up to mature ones grow their skills, understanding their business, market, competitive advantages and improve their strategy.

We work with a diverse set of clients

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